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AmybethParravano inspired to write RHODE ISLAND RAG tongue in cheek approach little things about Rhode Island that make it in a big way ! My ideas to do this muse in an ol timey ragtime musical style


little rhody the place i call home, don't have to travel too far, i'm never alone there's so many people&faces;to see, in bignsmall places a theatre by the sea little rhody place i call home , dom't have to travel too far,i'm never alone take a ride on the merry merrygoround with me, drop a coin in wishinwell feelinlucky little rhody little rhody hope is our flag it's the RHODE ISLAND RAG little rhody the cities,everything is pretty, scenic beaches,downtown trolley a cruise on the bay little rhodey oh little rhody just 30 miles you can make that trip in one day little rhodey place i call home don't have to travel too far never alone littlerhody oh little rhody i's the RHODE ISLAND RAG Copyright(c)2010 AmybethParravano ParravanoMusic,ASCAP